Dentures in Boca Raton, FL

Dentures replace missing teeth that can be removed and placed back into the mouth as needed for hygiene or repair purposes. Dentures may be partial dentures replacing one or more of the missing teeth or completely replacing all the teeth in one arch.

  • A removable partial denture is made from resin materials with tooth-colored acrylic teeth and a gum-colored base. They are made of a metallic base, gum-colored flanges, and tooth-colored acrylic or porcelain teeth. Nowadays, partial dentures are made of strong but flexible materials with acrylic teeth.
  • Conventional full dentures are made when all the teeth are removed, and the oral tissue healed before the construction of the dentures. It could take a few months before making these dentures.
  • Immediate full dentures are prepared before the extraction of the teeth and inserted immediately afterward. Since they are ready before extracting the teeth, they would be ill-fitting and require soft lining in the beginning, frequent adjustments, and when the gum reasonably heals, a hard or durable soft lining will be needed.

In general, dentures being artificial, do not feel like real teeth and need time to be tolerated by the individual wearer. Maintaining these prostheses is highly recommended as the oral tissues change over time. Hence, dentures require re-balancing, re-adjusting, or relining. If you are interested in getting dentures in Boca Raton, FL, give our dentists at Dental TMJ Sleep Apnea a call at 561-391-5331.


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