Behind The Teeth Grind: Why Bruxism Is No Laughing Matter?

Behind The Teeth Grind: Why Bruxism Is No Laughing Matter?

February 9, 2023

Teeth grinding is a common problem affecting children and adults alike. The triggers for this problem vary between people and could result from bursts of anger, stress, sleeplessness, et cetera. It is normal to clench and grind your teeth as a response to the triggers. Unfortunately, when you get into the habit frequently, you may develop a condition called bruxism.

Unfortunately, teeth grinding and clenching are not considered a severe problem by many, considering it an issue that is comfortably swept under the carpet. However, dentist in Boca Raton differs in their view to feel teeth grinding is a severe issue needing attention and advice people they should also consider it similarly.

Understanding Bruxism

The Boca Raton dentist describes bruxism as a medical problem explaining the unnatural grinding and clenching of teeth as an issue that causes you to unconsciously grind your teeth during the day and clench them when sleeping (sleep bruxism).

While teeth grinding can occur because of anger or anxiety, bruxism cases generally occur at night when sleeping. These cases emanate from abnormal bites, crooked and missing teeth, et cetera. Dental TMJ sleep apnea also encourages bruxism, making it essential to seek treatment from the Boca Raton specialist for relief.

How concerning Is Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism can occur early in life during the developmental process of the teeth. For example, bruxism affects 15 percent of children clenching and grinding their teeth when sleeping. Children typically outgrow bruxism as they enter adulthood. Unfortunately, many continue experiencing teeth grinding.

Generally, teeth grinding wears tooth enamel by 0.3 mm every decade. However, patients affected by bruxism experience enamel erosion by 2 mm from their mid-20s. The occurrence of sleep bruxism lasts for around 40 minutes, equal to 250 pounds of force, making the pressure significant enough to crack walnuts.

Chronic teeth grinding results in tooth loss and severe fractures and wear. The condition also causes problems with the jaw, worsens TMJ disorders, and changes facial appearance making it essential to visit the dentist’s office in Boca Raton to seek a remedy for the problem.

Bruxism — Nothing to Laugh about

Unfortunately, bruxism remains undetected for years before they display complications. Many patients overlook receiving bruxism treatment near you because they consider teeth grinding a habit instead of a problem. It is essential to understand the symptoms of bruxism and seek regular dental attention from the Boca Raton specialist to prevent significant problems and damage to the teeth.

If you are affected by a situation causing you to clench and grind your teeth during the day or when sleeping, you must consider a visit to the dentist near you to evaluate your condition and receive bruxism treatment if confirmed by the dentist to enjoy your life free from grinding and clenching your teeth.

It helps if you don’t consider the problem of teeth grinding or clenching inconspicuously because your teeth undergo significant damage from the enamel erosion it causes, making them sensitive, vulnerable to cavities, and even tooth loss. If you develop TMJ disorders because of bruxism you will need additional treatments to help alleviate persistent jaw pain besides issues like clicking and popping sounds in your jaw when opening or shutting your mouth. You also become a victim of headaches, earaches, et cetera because you consider the condition a habit and not a problem.

If you visit the Boca Raton dentist for six monthly exams and cleanings, they identify the signs of teeth grinding and clenching by looking at your teeth and observing the damage they have sustained. After evaluating your condition, the dentist suggests you wear customized night guards explicitly created for your mouth to keep your jaws separated when sleeping to prevent them from sustaining damage.

When you receive bruxism treatment in Boca Raton, the therapy helps avoid multiple problems by preventing damage to your teeth and saving you from considerable expenditure you may incur to restore your teeth.

An excellent technique to identify bruxism in its early stages is to maintain excellent dental hygiene practices and visit your dentist frequently for exams and cleanings, allowing them to look at your teeth to identify signs of an issue that can leave you with severe teeth damage to need expensive treatments. Therefore even if you grind your teeth during the day, consider a visit to the dentist suggested to evaluate signs of bruxism and receive the treatment they recommend to enjoy your life without dental problems.

Drs. Reda Abdel-Fattah and Magda Abdel-Fattah. provide tailor-made treatments for patients with problems related to teeth grinding and clenching. Consult the professionals today if you think you are grinding your teeth to receive cost-effective bruxism treatment to overcome the condition without confronting severe challenges.