About Us

About Us

Have you been experiencing frequent headaches, dull aching facial pain, back and neck pain, or popping in your jaw? You are not alone! Here at Dental TMJ Pain in Boca Raton, FL, our professionals are committed to helping you find the pain relief you deserve. Your dental health and comfort are our top priorities here at Dental TMJ Pain.

TMJ & Orofacial Pain

Having TMJ can be extremely painful and limits your life in many ways. Dental TMJ Pain in Boca Raton is a specialist in treating the symptoms of TMJ.

Whether you have tenderness along your jawline, a jaw that locks up, an associated headache, other associated jaw pain, or even pain in your ear or while you chew, one of the most common causes is TMJ. Our TMJ specialist can treat the conditions that lead to TMJ and result in the extreme pain you’re feeling.

When you require TMJ treatment to help reduce your pain, our compassionate specialists are there to help. We are always there to answer your questions and help you understand the process completely. Many other dentists and specialists have too many clients to take the time to explain things completely, but we limit the number of patients we see to care for the patients who need it most.

There are many reasons people suffer from TMJ. Not everyone has the same root cause for the pain they are feeling. Typical sources of the pain are cartilage erosion, an injury that took place in the past, a genetic predisposition to TMJ, grinding your teeth in your sleep, or sometimes it’s simply arthritis.

When you visit Dental TMJ Pain IN Boca Raton, we will sit you down with an initial examination for a complete understanding of your symptoms. We can develop a complete treatment plan by using X-rays, mechanical manipulation, visually looking inside and around your jaw, and examining your health history. Although we tailor each plan on an individual level, typically, TMJ treatment will involve using an oral splint. The oral splint will help strengthen and exercise the jaw, and pain can be relieved with hot and cold therapy.

No one wants constant headaches, jaw pain, and discomfort with TMJ. Taking care of your TMJ pain now can greatly improve your life. If you’re tired of having pain constantly, be sure to call Dental TMJ Pain in Boca Raton to schedule your consultation today.